Sunday, October 7, 2012

Noise Loves Audio 10/6/11 - Hyped To Death

Showcasing the Messthetics & Homework compilations released by the Hyped To Death label. The first hour was pre-empted by sports.

You can download the show here (it can sometimes take several minutes to load)

  V/A Dum Dum Dum - Dum Dum Dum MESSTHETICS: Greatest Hits
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Various Artists Cultural Amnesia - Repetition for This World Messthetics Greatest Hiss (Volume 1)
  V/A Twelve Cubic Feet - Evercare MESSTHETICS #101
  v/a Avocados - I Never Knew Messthetics #107
  Various Artists Chefs - Commander Lonely Messthetics # 108 South Coast D.I.Y. '77-81
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  V/A Walking Floors- Turn the Clock Back MESSTHETICS #102
  V/A Swell Maps - Camouflage Attack Messthetics #103: D.I.Y. 77 - 81, Midlands I
  Various Artists Discount Chiefs - Smell of Fossils Messthetics #104: D.I.Y. 77 - 81 South Wales I
  Various Artists Commercials - Simon Messthetics #105: D.I.Y. 77 - 81 Scotland I
  Various Artists Dislocation Dance - You Can't Beat History Messthetics #106: The Manchester Musicians Collective 1977-1982
  Animals & Men Terraplane Fixation Terraplane Fixation
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Various Artists Chalk Circle- Subversive Pleasure Homework # 9
  Various Artists China Shop - Kowtow Homework #10
  Various Artists Rentals - I've Got A Crush On You Homework #101
  Various Artists WKGB - Non-Stop Homework #103
  steve treatment Danger Zone 25 "A" sides + your friends are in the news
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Various Artists The Cold- You TEENLINE VOL #7

Thursday, September 27, 2012

KDVS Radio Programming New Schedule for Fall

Noise Loves Audio radio show will be back on KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, CA with me (Anne Halo) starting Saturday 10/6/12 from 7 to 9 pm. Normally it will be on every other week. On Oct 6th I will be showcasing the Hyped To Death label and on Nov. 10th  Patrick Haight (sound engineer extraordinaire) will be on the show spinning his favorite Burger Records and Spot-On Sound releases.  
You can check out the KDVS show schedule here

I will also have another radio show called "A Means To An End" on every Thursday evening from 10 to 11 pm starting 9/27/12. I will be posting those playlists on my Anne Halo blog

KDVS Radio Show 9/15/12 - Kill Rock Stars

Download the show here

  Stereo Total Andy Warhol Baby Ouh! Kill Rock Stars
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  BANGS The Magician's Assistant THE MAGICIANS ASSISTANT Kill Rock Stars Mailorder Freak 7 inch
  Huggy Bear/Bikini Kill Bikini Kill - Jigsaw Youth Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah / Our Troubled Youth Kill Rock Stars
Cold Cold Hearts Cute Boy Discount Cold Cold Hearts Kill Rock Stars
  Mika Miko Capricorinations C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. Kill Rock Stars
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Essential Logic music is a better noise Fanfare in the Garden Kill Rock Stars
  New Bloods Oh, Deadly Nightshade! The Secret Life Kill Rock Stars
  Delta 5 Colour Singles and Sessions 1979-1981 Kill Rock Stars
  Kleenex/Liliput Terrified Live Recordings, TV-Clips & Roadmovie Kill Rock Stars
  Erase Errata Cruising Nightlife Kill Rock Stars
2 Grass Widow Shadow Past Time Kill Rock Stars
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
4 Mecca Normal To Avoid Pain The Observer Kill Rock Stars
4 Casual Dots, The clocks The Casual Dots Kill Rock Stars
7 Timony, Mary Band Pink Clouds The Shapes We Make Kill Rock Stars
4 Portland Cello Project Mouth For War The Thao and Justin Power Sessions Kill Rock Stars
13 Matrimony No Love Kitty Finger Kill Rock Stars
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
2 Emily's Sassy Lime Sneaking into your house Dippity Do-nut Kill Rock Stars
Explode Into Colors Eyes Hands Mouth Eyes Hands Mouth (7 inch) Kill Rock Stars
2 Quix*o*tic Anonymous Face Mortal Mirror Kill Rock Stars
12 OLD HAUNTS Vandal Hymn FALLOW FIELD Kill Rock Stars
10 John Wilkes Booze Always Be There Telecopic Eyes Glance the Future Sick Kill Rock Stars
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Sleater-Kinney Heart Factory Dig Me Out Kill Rock Stars
Bonfire Madigan Anthemic Amendments From the Burnpile Kill Rock Stars
  Numbers black crow heart of gold We're Animals Kill Rock Stars
  Slumber Party Electric Ocean Musik Kill Rock Stars
  Quasi Repulsion American Gong Kill Rock Stars
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Team Dresch Endtime Relay Hand Grenade (7 inch) Kill Rock Stars
Cadallaca The Trouble With Public Places Out West Kill Rock Stars Corin Tucker
Peechees Mad Doctor Do the Math Kill Rock Stars
Kicking Giant Make You Come V/A Kill Rock Stars Kill Rock Stars
  Frumpies She's A Real Cutie Pie Babies and Bunnies Kill Rock Stars
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Comet Gain Just One More Summer Before I Go City Fallen Leaves Kill Rock Stars
Some Velvet Sidewalk Loch Ness V/A Kill Rock Stars Kill Rock Stars
Unwound All Souls Day New Plastic Ideas Kill Rock Stars
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Lake Of Dracula Four Teachers (recorded live at KFJC 1997) Afrika Islam in Beast 661 Kill Rock Stars Mailorder Freak 7 inch 
  Shoplifting Talk of the Town Hegemony Enemy Kill Rock Stars

KDVS Radio Show 9/1/12 - Captured Tracks

Download the show here

  The Mayfair Set Desert Fun Already Warm Captured Tracks
Medicine Miss Drugstore Shot Forth Self Living (2 Lp set) Captured Tracks reissue
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Should Breathe Salt A Folding Sieve Captured Tracks reissue from 1995
Deardarkhead Surf's Up Oceanside 1991-1993 Captured Tracks reissue
Grabbel and the Final Cut Psycho Popsong Get Your Feet Back On the Ground Captured Tracks previously unreleased tracks from 1996
Half String Eclipse Maps For Sleep 1991-1994 Captured Tracks reissue (orig release 1992)
Naomi Punk The Spell The Feeling Captured Tracks
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Cleaners From Venus A Personal Issue Blow Away Your Troubles Captured Tracks orig release 1981
Monochrome Set It's More Than Just Love Early Recordings: 1975-1977 Captured Tracks
The Wake World Of Her Own Here Comes Everybody + Singles 1983 - 1987 Captured Tracks 1985
German Measles Wild Weekend Wild E.P. Captured Tracks
Teenage Panzercorps Corpse On An Empty Stage Knut Hamsun Captured Tracks
Soft Moon Sewer Sickness Soft Moon Captured Tracks
Soft Healer Gentle One Gentle One Captured Tracks
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
The Girls at Dawn It's the Only Time The Girls At Dawn Captured Tracks
Girls Names Don't Let Me In Don't Let Me In (7 inch) Captured Tracks
  Little Girls Youth Tunes Concepts Paper Bag
Dum Dum Girls Yours Alone Dum Dum Girls (7 inch) Captured Tracks
La La Vasquez Claire Savage Hello (7 inch) Captured Tracks
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Aias La Truita A La Piscina Captured Tracks
Minks Kusmi By the Hedge Captured Tracks
Blouse Into Black Blouse Captured Tracks
Cosmetics Soft Skin Soft Skin (7 inch) Captured Tracks
  Blank Dogs End of Summer Phrases Captured Tracks
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
DIIV Corvalis Sometime Captured Tracks
Spectrals Leave Me Be Leave Me Be (7 inch) Captured Tracks
Dignan Porch Sad Shape Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen Captured Tracks
Brilliant Colors Highly Evolved Brilliant Colors (7 inch) Captured Tracks
Veronica Falls Found Love In A Graveyard Found Love In A Graveyard (7 inch) Captured Tracks
  Beach Fossil Calyer What A Pleasure Captured Tracks
  Ganglians Blood on the Sand Blood on the Sand Captured Tracks
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Mac DeMarco She's Really All I Need Rock And Roll Night Club Captured Tracks

KDVS Radio Show 8/18/12 - Sacred Bones

Download the show here

  The Cultural Decay Brave New World Eight Ways to Start a Day Sacred Bones reissue (original 1981) - 12 inch
13th Chime Coffin Maker The Singles: 1981-1983 Sacred Bones reissue (original 1981)
Eraserhead Soundtrack Side A Sacred Bones
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
U.V. POP Sleep Don't Talk No Songs Tomorrow Sacred Bones reissue (original 1983)
The Pink Noise Gold Light Gold Light Sacred Bones
Gary War High Speed Drift Horribles Parade/Galactic Citizens Sacred Bones
  Dead Luke I Want You [Troggs] Record One Sacred Bones
Mac Blackout Sometimes Don't Let Your Love Die Sacred Bones
Blank Dogs Leaving the Light On Diana (The Herald) Sacred Bones
  Led Er Est Animal Smear The Diver Sacred Bones
Children's Hospital If You Find Me I'm Here Alone Together Sacred Bones
Eraserhead Soundtrack Side A Sacred Bones
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
1 Psychic ILLs Midnight Moon Hazed Dream Sacred Bones
1 Moon Duo Killing Time Killing Time EP Sacred Bones
Religious Knives The Message Smokescreen Sacred Bones
5 The Men Please Don't Go Away Open Your Heart Sacred Bones
8 Slug Guts Playin' In Time With the Deadbeat Playin' in Time With the Deadbeat Sacred Bones
Eraserhead Soundtrack Side A Sacred Bones
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Human Eye Alien Creeps They Came from the Sky Sacred Bones
Factums Blue Nude Flowers Sacred Bones
  Amen Dunes Bedroom Drum Through The Donkey Jaw Sacred Bones
  Spirit Photography Into The Heart Of Time Is Racing Sacred Bones
  Wymond Miles You and I Are Of the Night Under The Pale Moon Sacred Bones
  The Fresh & Onlys Secret Walls Secret Walls Sacred Bones
Eraserhead Soundtrack Side A Sacred Bones
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  The Bitters By Her Own Hand Have a Nap Hotel EP Sacred Bones
  Effi Briest Long Shadow Rhizomes Sacred Bones
  Zola Jesus Avalanche Conatus Sacred Bones
  The Rebel Ambient Pasteman The Incredible Hulk Junior Aspirin
  Nerve City Sleep Walker Sleepwalker EP Sacred Bones
  Case Studies Daggers The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night Sacred Bones
Eraserhead Soundtrack Side A Sacred Bones
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Follakzoid IV, III, II, I self-titled EP Sacred Bones

KDVS Radio Show 8/11/12 - Hardly Art

Download the show here

  Broken Water Drown Tempest Hardly Art
  Golden Triangle Neon Noose Double Jointer Hardly Art
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Grave Babies F*** Off Gothdammit Hardly Art
  K-Holes Nightshifter Dismania Hardly Art
  Talbot Tagora Ichthus Hop Lessons in the woods or a city Hardly Art
  Unnatural Helpers The Truth About you Cracked Love & Other Drugs Hardly Art
Jacuzzi Boys Cool Vapors Glazin' Hardly Art
  Woven Bones I've Gotta Get I've Gotta Kid b/w Hey kid Hardly Art
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Hunx Always Forever Hairdresser Blues Hardly Art
TacocaT Spring Break-Up Take Me To Your Dealer Hardly Art
La Sera Break My Heart Sees The Light Hardly Art
  Seapony Into the Sea Go With Me Hardly Art
  Shimmering Stars Nervous Breakdown Violent Hearts Hardly Art
Colleen Green Green One Green One Hardly Art
Xray Eyeballs Deja Vu Sundae Hardly Art
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Deep Time Clouds Deep Time Hardly Art
  The Beets You Dont Want Kids To Be Dead Let The Poison Out Hardly Art
  Fergus & Geronimo The Strange One Speaketh Funky Was The State Of Affairs Hardly Art
  The Fresh & Onlys Love and Kindness The Fresh & Onlys Castle Face
  Magic Trick I Say Your Name Ruler Of The Night Hardly Art
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
The Sandwitches The Pearl The Pearl Hardly Art
  The Dutchess & the Duke Living This Life makes It Hard Sunset/Sunrise Hardly Art
Gem Club 252 Breakers Hardly Art
  Arthur & Yu 1000 Words In Camera Hardly Art
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Moondoggies It's a Shame, It's a Pity Tidelands Hardly Art
Carissa's Weird You Should Be Hated Here Songs About Leaving Sad Robot
  The Pica Beats Shrinking Violets Beating Back the Claws of the Cold Hardly Art
  Gold Leaves Hard Feelings The Ornament Hardly Art
Circle Pit Honey Slave Hardly Art
  Le Loup Beach Town Family Hardly Art
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Crash & Britany It Is Chemistry Crash & Britany EP Abstract Entertainment cassette released 1996 * Sacto girl band
Crash & Britany Amen To Artillery Crash & Britany EP Abstract Entertainment

KDVS Radio Show 7/28/12 - Burger Records

Download the show here

Thee Makeout Party! 2 EZ 2 Luv U 2 EZ 2 Luv U Burger
The Resonars Expectations Crummy Desert Sound Burger
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Audacity Punk Confusion Mellow Cruisers Burger
Gravys Drop Buddhist Guru Hot Donuts Now  Burger/Spot-On Sound
Gap Dream My Other Man Gap Dream Burger
Schatzi & Hazeltine Happy Birthday Baby Happy Birthday Baby Burger
Ty Segall Oh Mary Ty Segall Burger
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
King Tuff Connection Was Dead Burger
Quilt Penobska Oakwalk Quilt EP Burger
Pear Tight Lipped Danny James and Pear Burger
Conspiracy Of Owls Three Conspiracy Of Owls Burger
Jaill Beggar Sincere There's No Sky (Oh My My) Burger
John Wesley Coleman Bad Lady Goes To Jail Bad Lady Goes To Jail Burger
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin Reverse Shark Attack Reverse Shark Attack Burger
Thee Makeout Party! Huff Puff Pat & Dee's Wedding Song unreleased
The Quick No No Girl Untold Rock Stories Burger
Fever B This Sea Is My Life The Lonely Sailor Sessions Burger
The Pizazz Benjamin Woodruff Get Out Of My House Burger
The Tough Shits Space Heater The Tough Shits Burger
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Feeding People Uranium Sea Feeding People Burger
Jacuzzi Boys Planet Of the Dreamers No Seasons Burger
Schlitzie Esmerelda Schlitzie EP unreleased
Nobunny Monster Kiss Raw Romance Burger
Shannon & the Clams Troublemaker I Wanna Go Home Burger
Summer Twins I Don't Care Summer Twins Burger
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Mikal Cronin Gone Mikal Cronin Burger
Lovely Bad Things You Done Messed Up Lovely Bad Things Burger
Magic Jake & the Power Crystals Power Crystals Magic Jake & the Power Crystals Burger
Summer Hits Stony Creation Summer Hits Burger
Bare Wires Never Gonna Change Cheap Perfume Burger
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Spanish Moss Witch Rings Kelp Burger/Spot-On Sound